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It’s Your Choice

January 6, 2013

I just read an inspiring article I want to share with you.   First, I’d like to highlight this quote in the article.   It is from Brad Snyder, who was blinded in Afghanistan. “Choice — that word means a lot here,” said Snyder, 28, a former Navy bomb-disposal expert. “‘Choice’ puts everything on a level playing field. Each of us faces a plethora of daily choices — when to get up, what to eat for breakfast, what to say to your family before leaving for work. You can choose to be positive. Or you can choose to be a victim. “You can choose to move forward with grace. Or you can choose to succumb to negativity.” Please read the rest of the article, it is really good:   Alive Day –



6 Responses to “It’s Your Choice

  1. Carla Borgen

    positivity is what I try to make as my daily inspiration. Wake up, thank God I am alive, healthy and happy.

  2. Mina, I love this site and I have bookmarked it to follow.

  3. Trina Chambers-Bradlee

    Thanks Mina! I used to have a sweatshirt from the 80’s Very WHAM! That said CHOOSE LIFE! I wish I still had it…some people thought it was an anti-abortion message…but to me, it was a GET UP AND LIVE! Message. XO-Trina

  4. Jill

    I needed this today. Tomorrow, January 7th, will be two years for me. I’m bouncing between the good things I’ve learned on this journey and the nagging desire to just go back to the way it was. I’m working on letting that go, and moving forward with the new me. Thank you for finding this story. It really had an impact me.

    • Thanks for your note. Its nice to know this helps others. My accident happened 7 years ago on Jan. 15. After about 18 months, I pretty much let go of my past realizing it just wasn’t going to happen. I also didn’t have the energy to even try to get back to that. I just kept moving forward one day at a time. My efforts to get better pretty much took up my energies for the last years but this past year I’m beginning to feel the need to do more. This blog is part of my road to improvements. I could really relate to something else that was stated in the article by Dr. Snyder who said: “one thing (that) is paramount is redefining who one is and repurposing one’s life,” she said. “One must mentally and emotionally surrender the old situation and experiment with new ways of being, doing, (and) thinking.” In a way, I think this can be a positive experience in that you get to start fresh (in a sense). Best wishes on your journey and stay in touch.

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