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The Birth of Mina Kitty

In January 2006, I was between two major milestones in my life.  I just turned 50 and was preparing to retire from my high stress job.  I was looking forward to retirement from being an information technology manager and ready to venture off in new directions.  I felt I was at my peak professionally and mentally.   I felt very healthy and strong.  I felt good about my personal life, my family, and my friends.  I was very driven, always wanting to be out and about.  I had prepared myself well and was ready to reach for new challenges.   I enjoyed hiking, skiing, sailing, diving and other activities which I felt I had never been better at than when I turned 50.   I felt so good and so much was going on and being planned on.  It was great!

On January 15, 2006, I faced an abrupt end to what I was.    I was suddenly toppled from what I thought to be my personal peak into a deep hole by a freak accident that left me a victim of traumatic brain injury.   That is when I became Mina Kitty.  I became someone who was always tired, walking around the house slowly, laying down a lot in different places in the house, taking naps, rarely leaving the house.    It was like being a house cat.  I felt like a house cat.   Before the accident, my husband sometimes called me Willie (short for Wilhelmine, my middle name).    But now Willie no longer fit.    My nickname was transformed to Mina, and Kitty was added for the house cat characteristics I now had.   I became Mina Kitty, birthdate – January 15, 2006.   I actually do “celebrate” it…..


2 Responses to “The Birth of Mina Kitty

  1. Amanda Burbidge

    I am so relieved to find your site. I am 12 weeks into my TBI, my partner is at a loss as to how to help me to the point where I find it hard to tell him how I’m feeling because he cant respond.
    The doctors keep giving me different meds, I read the info sheets, get terrified and refuse to take the pills. I wish I were not here at times and this thought overwhelms me.
    I have lost my sense of smell and taste, retch every time I try to cook a meal and can no longer go into a food or chemist shop. I feel like there is no light at the end of this tunnel.
    I am a counsellor in training in my 5th year, so I know all the motivational self help things and how to change cognitive negative thoughts, but seem incapable of applying this knowledge to myself, I was on track for a distinction

  2. Kelly F

    Mina, I enjoy reading your updates. I have found a lot of support here. I had a SAH in August 2012 and still not back to work or driving. May I ask how got your TBI…was it SAH? Just out of curiosity? If it’s too personal, I understand.

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