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To My Medical and Legal Service Providers

I’ve come to you because my brain is injured.   I come to you because you specialize in services to brain injured people.   Why then do you have an office environment that causes me “pain”?   Music from the radio that was not tuned in  and filled with static.   Waiting rooms with way too much bright light!   Waiting rooms filled with tons of stuff (plants, knickknacks, and more stuff).   Confusing hallways to get to your provider’s office. Glass walls that don’t keep the chaos out.   Web sites that overwhelm with too much – words, fonts, moving components.    Why do you have office staff that talks way too fast, especially on the phone?   Why does your office staff  not call me back and, if they do,don’t try to simplify what it is I’m asking about?  Why don’t you take better care of me?

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