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Holidays Challenge Our Brains

by Linda W. Arms

Today I noticed Christmas decorations being set up in a local shopping center, giving my injured brain moments of anxiety.    The holiday season is coming up fast.   It is a time when so much more is expected of us than most other times of the year.    Those of us with an injured brain, our loved ones, friends and caregivers should all remember that it’s best to simplify so we can enjoy things more.     Its been nearly 8 years since my brain injury and I’m doing better.    After seeing the decorations I thought to myself about all the things I “should” do but quickly reminded myself that I need to keep it simple.

Everyday can be challenging for someone with a brain injury but the holidays bring even more challenges.   We have to do a lot of extra things such as buying gifts, putting up decorations, doing more cooking and interacting with more people at social events.   We have to maneuver around very busy stores, and the entire holiday hubbub on the roads and parking lots.   The holidays can also be an emotional time because we might think back to our past selves when we could do so much more.   We might feel our loss even more and feel that familiar grief.

Brain injury survivors and caregivers should take extra care during this time for rest, finding quiet spaces and doing less of what is expected during the holidays.   Those of us with a brain injury probably are much more settled and can enjoy this time better if we don’t have ALL those decorations all around us.   They are overwhelming for our poor brains to process.   Plus its a lot of work to put up so many decorations and take them back down.

You also need to learn to say no to some things.   I’ve turned down large family get-togethers in these past years because of all the challenges of interacting, a lot of noise and making your way through the groups of people.   And then, of course, we have to remember that when we over-do-it one day we have to pay for it the next.

Ask for help.   Instead of doing most of the cooking for a special meal, make it pot luck.   Everyone contributes a dish or two.   Instead of running to a lot of stores for gifts, buy online in addition to reducing the amount of gift giving.   Many people are happy to opt out of gift exchanges or to cut back from earlier years.

Simplify the decorations, the gift giving, the meals and everything else that is part of the holiday season.   Find ways to enjoy the holidays with quieter moments.   Keep it simple and you’ll enjoy it more.     And remember More is Not Better



2 Responses to “Holidays Challenge Our Brains

  1. Dear lord, I understand this so much. It will be 13 years this December that I suffered a tbi from a car accident. Upon waking from a medically induced coma, I learned of the death of my best friend..she was killed in this accident. I already feel the blues coming on as the air gets cooler and dryer and the nights come quicker. Sometimes I retreat into myself emotionally, if not physically also.

  2. Julianne Clunne

    thanks for this post …you have articulated what I experience …think I might forward this to my daughter who is wonderful …but able minded like I was before my ABI .thankyou so much xx

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