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Disturbing Chaos

Early after my injury, I knew I was lost in the world.    I slept a lot, my world became very, very simple — all I could do was stare at the wall with no thoughts.    My life’s purpose and interests no longer existed.     I had to figure out how to exist and go on with my MILD traumatic brain injury.   This injury that caused the person I was to be gone.    I became Mina Kitty, a new life entity.   My purpose and interests in life stopped.  I had to learn how to just exist in the world around me.    The world around was chaotic and disturbing.   Motions, sounds, emotions, sights, concepts, music, birds singing, water splashing, music, things moving, family expressing, art displaying, opinion sharing, and so many other things became a very big burden.   Life became very difficult in many ways.

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  1. Trina Chambers-Bradlee

    Mina, What you wrote above, sounds so like what I can remember of my early TBI days…the need to sleep! And any little noise would break my sleep patterns…I so relate to all of that…Thank you for your writing…It helps me… just to read and understand that there are others, who have managed on this difficult journey. Sincerely, Trina Chambers-Bradlee

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