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The Kitty Bites!

Years 1 – 3, after the accident, I rarely went to stores and barely survived the shopping experience.   Years 4 – 5, shopping was less painful but I  realized I couldn’t interact with the clerks or others when they spoke to me about other things.   Year 6, my goal was to start saying something to the clerk and others while I was checking out or doing other shopping.   Just today, in year 7,  I discovered I’ve become quite assertive!   I spoke up when I felt I wasn’t being treated well as a customer.    I think I might have been a bit too blunt.   I guess the kitty bites!

2 Responses to “The Kitty Bites!

  1. kelly fairall

    So glad to find this website. I had a ruptured aneurysm in August of this year. I am struggling dealing with stores, crowds, and anything outside my home. I’m hoping to return to work in Feb or March if I can even do my same job again. What a life changing event this has been for me. Thanks for the great reading…

  2. I’m encouraged by this post, Mina…thanks for posting it! Trina Chambers-Bradlee

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