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Pet Peeve – one of many

Those of you with TBI – what are your pet peeves when you are out and about in the world?  These are the things that get in your way of functioning well or cause your brain to go on overload pretty quickly.   One thing that really interferes with my ability to shop is the music that every store seems to have going.   It is just another thing my poor brain has to process as I find my way around the stores to locate what I need and select what I want.

In the early years after my TBI, I avoided stores as much as possible and often walked in and right back out, taking a nap when I got myself back home.  Even today, I often struggle to tune out the sound so I can think.  I still find myself just leaving the store and sometimes leaving behind the items I already put in my shopping cart.   I don’t want to have to work my brain so hard and it just doesn’t feel good.

Oh, and how about those nice sales people who try to help you and keep talking at you while you’re trying to think  about what it is you are trying to do.   I have frequently told sales people I just need some time to think by myself.   My husband has even intervened a few times when he sees me struggling with my need to think quietly about my shopping decision while the clerk keeps going with suggestions and questions.


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  1. Shopping is definitely challenging for me. The music, yes, but I have given up shopping at most of those places like Forever 21 or H & M. I shop online a lot. The crowding bothers me too. I have lost some peripheral vision and it is unnerving when people on the check-out line stand too close. I also struggle with impulsiveness and when I’m tired or a line feels chaotic, I have gotten into tense verbal (and one physical) battles. I find myself anxious and racing to be first if the line order is not clear. Thank you Trader Joe for your systematic lines.

    Another thing that bothers me (even pre-injusry) is being handed my change; bills, coins, and receipt, all at the same time in one little pile. Then I feel like I am holding up the line as I sort each item into its respective place in my wallet. What happened to the receipt in the bag? I am more likely to look at it again if it is with the items.

    With clothes shopping I do not bother to try stuff on in a dressing room but instead just bring it home and then (hopefully remember to) bring back what does not fit. Places like Zappos and Amazon have free shipping and free return on clothes and shoes so I can buy more than one size and send back what does not fit.

    My comment has grown too long so I will stop. Alyson

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