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Noise – there was so much noise after my brain injury.   Just about everything became noise that I could not tolerate.   I could not listen to music, birds, the splashing sound of cars going through puddles, talking, TV,  and so much more that is all around us all the time.   After a few months I discovered that I could listen to and was actually soothed by listening to just the music on Deepak Chopra’s CD called Chakra Balancing: Mind, Body, And Soul Pt. 1.    I would listen to it on my iPod to keep the other sounds away.      It would sooth my jittery mind that often felt like I had butterflies or a wave motion going on in it.   Almost always I would fall asleep.   It was almost like a drug to calm me.   I’ve listened to it hundreds of times in the last years.    Gradually over the last 7 years my tolerance to sound has improved greatly.   I rarely spend time with pillows on my head or use my special earplugs to keep out background sound.

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