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The Accident

The Accident

On January 15, 2006, my daughter and I were spending the Martin Luther King weekend in the mountains to ski and enjoy ourselves.   We decided to go to the ski area early so we’d be there close to when the lifts opened.  We planned to leave mid-day so we could rest up and go out for a nice dinner and not be too tired.

At around 9:30am, my daughter and I got on the ski lift with a man riding along with us.  There were 3 of us on the quad chair.  I sat to the far left, my daughter sat near the middle and the man sat on the far right.   We were getting close to the top of the lift and something hit my head.  It was a very hard hit and it felt like the top of my head was taken off because it felt like whatever hit me slid across the top of my head.  Also, when I was hit, my teeth were hit together several times as if whatever hit me vibrated on my head several times.  I did not know what hit me at the time.    The next thing I remember was lying on my back, my skis were off and my daughter was next to me looking very closely in my eyes.

I felt very cold and it felt like liquids were moving in my head (nose, face, around in my head).  My head hurt very badly.  It felt like it was burning and I thought it was bleeding.   I felt sick to my stomach but never vomited.  My daughter kept looking in my eyes and saying “Mom, stay with me”.  I think I just wanted to close my eyes.     I was very scared because I wasn’t really sure what happened and what condition I was in.    I actually thought I was going to die.  I cried because I was in pain and very scared.  I still did not know what happened.

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  1. Dennis

    You are truly a remarkable woman and I am so proud to be able to know you.

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